Mr. Bakul Thakkar

“Divers get pearls, not the one who sits at the shores” this said has been made real by Shree Bakulbhai Thakkar who owns around 16 hotels named Shree Khodiyar Kathiyawadi Dhaba in different cities. Shree Bakulbhai Thakkar, who worked at Giriraj Hotel in Kadodara as a waiter, diligently studied business and cooking at the hotel and became a successful hotel manager.

Shree Khodiyar Kathiyawadi Dhaba

Taste Of Bharuch
First time started in Bharuch with multi-purpose interior and with tasty delicious kathiyawadi food whose management is in polite hands of Shree Bakulbhai Thakkar, his wife Smt. Jyotsanaben Thakkar and his son Mr. Sunny Thakkar.
Customers have taken me till success
From waiter to the owner of strings of famous hotels
Even after becoming the owner of 16 strings of Shree Khodiyar Kathiyawadi Dhaba, there is no pride in the nature of Shree Bakulbhai Thakkar. He is very humble. Customers are god for him. Customers have appreciated dishes of this hotels and given success to them. He says that he has just given the food to the customers as they like and in return the customers have given him success.

Sunny Thakkar

Beggars are being fed free meals
Serv human is same as serving the Lord. Today, 16 branches of Shree Khodiyar Kathiawadi Dhaba are operating in Gujarat and it is nothing but blessing of dear God. We serve by giving food to beggars passing through all the branches. So by blessing of these human beings, the name of Shree Khodiyar Kathiawadi Dhaba has spread to Gujarat today, said Sunny Thakkar, son of Shree Bakulbhai Thakkar, in his interview.

Jyotsanaben (w/o Bakulbhai) is always behind success of Bakulbhai

After leaving the hotel in Kamrej that was on rent, success with conflict was waiting for Bakulbhai. However, there is a woman behind every successful man. It has also happened in his case. After leaving the hotel by Shree Bakulbhai Thakkar, wife Jyotsnaben pointed fingers and increased his enthusiasm. Without losing a glance, proceeding with certainty Smt. Jyotsanaben has fulfilled all the jobs as a great wife. She stayed beside him and being a devotee of Shree Khodiyar Mataji, advanced and supported him to start a hotel with the same name. They have started a restaurant named “Shree Khodiyar Kadhiyawadi Dhaba” at Maktampur Road, Bharuch. With the help of his wife and blessings of Shree Khodiyar Mataji, he became owner of the chain of hotels.